This Just In: Money is Still Not the Answer…

February 7, 2014

NAEP 4r dot chart

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Which is a relief since we are running out of money in any case. I took a stab at updating my favorite state NAEP chart ever for the 2013 NAEP.  My favorite chart ever of course is:

Hanuskek 4

I decided that it would be a bit easier to digest to do the chart by individual subjects and use points rather than percentages of a standard deviation and combined tests as an axis. Also revenue per pupil was easier to find than expenditures.  So what you see up there is a first crack at 4th grade reading between 1998 and 2013.  No shock- money is still not the answer (yes I am looking right at you New York and Wyoming).

8th Grade Reading Chart looks pretty similar:

NAEP 8r dot chart

Wyoming at least scores meh improvement this time for their gigantic increase in spending, New York- fuggedabouit.  Florida just blew you a kiss from the top left quadrant and said that you should come up and see her sometime.

In any case, these are prototype charts that have as yet been double checked by no one other than our family cat Charlie. Treat them accordingly for now, just putting them up for fun and feedback.

What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Rawls and Understanding Update on RedefinED

November 11, 2013

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

I updated the “forced reincarnation with the chance to pick your state” thought experiment with NAEP 2013 data over at RedefinED.

Bonus Elvis C:

I’ll Have What Florida Charter Schools are Having

November 7, 2013

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Florida’s charter schools totally crushed the ball on the 2013 NAEP Reading test- an 11 point gain in 4th grade reading and a 5 point gain in 8th grade reading. As the number of charter schools in the state has gone up, the ability of NAEP to reliably sample them has improved.

Getting about as close to an “apples to apples” as you can get in the NAEP data by comparing only low-income general education students still shows huge gains and a big advantage for Florida charters to Florida district schools.

Florida charter 2013 NAEP


DC, Tennessee and Indiana Crush the Ball on 2013 NAEP

November 7, 2013

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

The National Center for Education Statistics released the 2013 NAEP this morning for 4th and 8th grade Reading and Math. I will be crunching the numbers for some time to come, but here is a quick look at the net results by state jurisdiction (combined 2013 scores minus combined 2011 scores).

2013 NAEP Gains

Quick takes: DC and TN crushed the ball with gains four times larger than the national average. These look to be truly historic gains with both DC and TN scoring statistically significantly higher in all four tests.

Indiana scores big with gains almost three times the national average. Florida gets back on track with gains more than twice the national average.

More number crunching to follow but a


for top gainers DC, TN and IN is already in order.