Jay P. Greene is Senior Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

The title of this blog isn’t very exciting but it is descriptive.  This is Jay P. Greene’s blog, so it is the place where you can find some of his thoughts on education policy and other matters.  And as the subtitle suggests, some of Jay’s friends will occasionally post their own thoughts on education policy and the world.  [Actually, guest posts by Greg Forster, Jason Bedrick, and Matt Ladner have been much more than occasional.]

Views expressed here are not those of the Heritage Foundation or anyone other than the authors of each post.  The comments section is unmoderated, so the views expressed there are not those of anyone other than the commentator.  The existence of those comments does not imply endorsement.  But if people act like total jerks or use foul language, I reserve the right to remove their comments and block them from commenting in the future.  This is, after all, Jay P. Greene’s Blog.

[Updated June 7, 2021.]

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