Win-Win On the Air at SRN

April 4, 2011

(Guest post by Greg Forster)

For the second time in my life I have braved the cutting edge of the very latest of yesterday’s technology, producing another pod-type casting module out there on the big Inter-Net system of tubes. Ben Boychuk of School Reform News interviews me on Win-Win and my ironically fated bet with Jay Mathews, the voucher compromise in Indiana, the Obama administration’s lies about voucher research, and more.

Rhee Resignation

October 13, 2010

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Robert Enlow, Greg, Virginia Walden Ford,  Lance Izumi, Lisa Snell and I weigh in on the Rhee resignation in School Reform News.


The Cool Kids put on a brave face in the New York Times.

Rotherham wisely notes that if Gray is going to kill reform, he will do it later in a series of pillow-smotherings rather than in some obvious fashion.

WaPo columnist McCartney on the Rhee aftermath.

Finally, the WaPo produced this sobering “Man on the Street” reaction video showing DC residents having far more sympathy with ineffective teachers than the students in the schools.

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