Well . . . That Was Easy!

(Guest post by Greg Forster)

I made the bet thinking I had three. I turned out I had five. By the time the bet went live on the blog I had seven.

Then, in the comments, Matt brings to my attention that both Utah houses passed a major financial expansion of the Carson Smith voucher program on March 10. And Scott notes that Minnesota’s House passed a new voucher program on March 30.

I won the bet in half a day!

6 Responses to Well . . . That Was Easy!

  1. matthewladner says:

    Double or nothing for 20!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Patrick says:

    Sounds like you won the bet before you made the bet…just didn’t know it.

  3. allen says:

    So, what’s the betting line on when the first large, municipal school district will be dissolved to be replaced with charters?

    Which district that’d be would also make a worthwhile bet.

  4. matthewladner says:

    It seems to be happening in Detroit.

    • allen says:

      Oooh, somebody’s paying attention to the edu-sphere.

      Greg? Jay? Wanna give some thought to likely fallout of the realization that school district is no longer the only way to do public education?

      Matt’s right. The school district I live literally within rock-throwing distance of may be heading toward dissolution and when it happens, and it becomes clear that having mobs of superfluous functionaries on the payroll is pretty expensive, there’s going to be a widely-felt impact. Anyone care to venture a guess as to the form that impact will take on other states?

      Any other districts look ripe for reforming out of existence?

  5. […] Greene, fresh off his victory over Jay Mathews, talks to Ben Boychuk of School Reform News about the validity and interpretation of voucher […]

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