School Choice Yearbook

The Alliance for School Choice has released their annual school choice yearbook.  It is filled with a ton of useful facts, figures, and other resources.  Be sure to check it out.  Here are some of the highlights from the press release:

• More than 190,000 students are enrolled in school choice programs in the United
States, a growth of nearly 100 percent since 2004-05.
• Seven of the 20 school choice programs in America are specifically tailored to
serve children with special needs, benefiting more than 26,000 students.
• Nearly all of America’s school choice programs provide assistance primarily to
children in low- to middle-income families or to children with special needs.
• Florida is home to the greatest number of students who benefit from school
choice, with 54,000 student participants in the state’s two existing programs.
Two states—Arizona and Ohio—have three school choice programs each.
• All 20 school choice programs are non-discriminatory and feature levels of
administrative, financial, and/or academic accountability.
• Despite a turbulent economy, no existing programs saw funding cuts in 2010.
Two new programs—one for students with disabilities in Oklahoma and another
for students with special needs in Louisiana—were enacted last year with
bipartisan support.

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