Disruption Goes to College

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Clayton Christensen and company have a new report out on higher education and virtual learning for the Center for American Progress. Hat tip: Dave Saba’s Virtual Learning Blog.

One Response to Disruption Goes to College

  1. Student of History says:

    For those of us who have looked at the various Common Core documents and seen the enactment of School to Work and OBE and the Certificate of Initial Mastery being renamed as the Career Readiness Certificate, that report is more confirmation.

    Could easily be renamed as OBE takes over post-secondary colleges and universities using online learning apart from the few name elite schools.

    Doesn’t anyone remember that centrally planned economies do not function efficiently and have a much lower output than spontaneously generated free markets?

    When I read “we are not aware of a single instance in which a business unit has disrupted itself” on page 57 I desperately wanted to introduce the authors to small businessmen outside the Fortune 500.

    The idea that politicians and currently operating Big Business is equipped to decide the work skills of tomorrow indicates either a rejection or ignorance of history. The presumption that people are unable to chart their own paths and need someone else to do it for them should be anathema to us.

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