Good Listen/Reads

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Jay goes full podcast with Nick Gillispie, putting the Secretary of Ed debate in context and revealing an “anarcho-socialist” youth. Congrats on keeping the more desirable half btw! Reason also covered the ESA push in Texas:

Andy Smarick presses the attack on the massive failure of the SIG program and sees an opening for choice. Mike Petrilli asks you to please ignore the evaluation disasters as he courts the technocratic tribe on the bossy nature of the Louisiana voucher program.

Finally the most interesting thing you will read this month just might be “What Do You Do if a Red State Moves to You?”  Editorial comment on the latter: there are obviously disturbing trends afoot but democracy is designed to develop compromises that people can live if not love. If the Presidency devolves into whose team gets to make imperial diktats from on high to govern by pen and phone expect unending backlash from all sides of every issue.

2 Responses to Good Listen/Reads

  1. Why does the massive failure of SIGs lead to “school choice”? Why not to getting the federal gov’t out of local education?

  2. (Politico): ” …the enclave of liberal, mostly Twin Cities newcomers … has made ‘Democrat’ mean something it didn’t mean a generation ago.”
    Calls to mind P. J. O’Rourke’s comment on his grandmother, who was so rock-ribbed Republican she wouldn’t say “democrats” if children were in the room; she’d say “bastards” instead.

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