Sweet Reason Prevails in Arizona

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Arizona voters have passed Proposition 123, wisely (if narrowly) settling a lawsuit over education funding in the process.

This will be a week long-remembered! It has seen the end of the Texas Supreme Court being used as a sock puppet and the end of a Nevada lawsuit that attempted to use KKK inspired constitutional provisions to keep kids trapped in an overcrowded and under-performing school system. It has now seen the end to a distracting lawsuit that if left to fester would have threatened Arizona’s nation-leading pace of academic improvement. We have put an end to this destructive conflict and brought order to the cactus patch!


Ok all kidding aside this was the best possible outcome- it has been a rough decade for Arizona schools since the Great Recession drop kicked our economy and I for one am happy to see our schools get some additional resources without raising taxes in what is still a less than robust recovery. Congrats to the lawmakers, school advocacy groups, business community and especially to Governor Ducey for providing the leadership to make it happen.

2 Responses to Sweet Reason Prevails in Arizona

  1. Greg Forster says:

    There! You see, Lord Ladner? The voters can be reasonable.

    Continue with the operation; you may fire the union PR hacks when ready.

  2. matthewladner says:

    Tarkin was a fun character, my favorite line of his was when he expressed self-righteous outrage that Leia had given them a false location for the rebel base. Never mind that he had just destroyed an entire planet after promising not to do so.

    I don’t get the chance to praise the Arizona Education Association very often, so I am going to do it now- they were among the groups that brought the funding lawsuit, and among those groups that decided to settle the case. Their leadership made a mature decision that recognized the very real risk that continuing the suit would result in no new funding for the schools, and they had to campaign for Prop. 123 in the face of many of their own natural constituents having locked themselves into an echo chamber and convincing themselves that they knew more about the risks of the case than those who originated it.

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