Field Trip Research #1 Again

Arkansas Razorbacks #1 Fan Pin

In addition to being the most viewed and emailed article in the Sunday New York Timesmy field trip research with Brian Kisida and Dan Bowen is the most read article in the journal, Education Next, during 2013.  The University of Arkansas may not have the #1 football or basketball teams (and “Well, I say let Harvard have its football and academicsYale will always be first in gentlemanly club life“) but we are #1 in research on the effects of field trips to cultural institutions.  Go team!

2 Responses to Field Trip Research #1 Again

  1. jean sanders says:

    Why are you spending money on this type of study. Wouldn’t it be more cost effective to just ask teachers who have been in the field?

  2. jean sanders says:

    To claim to be #1 at Education Next is not very much of a commendation. I have been criticizing their articles for 2 years now. When the Boston Marathon was iinvaded by terrorists EN was quick to use the terms that I abhor so I wrote to them about that. When the Trayvon Martin verdict was being handed down Peterson used the opportunity to beat up on Randi Weingarten. That place is merely designed for propaganda (voucher only) and Gates pays them to disseminate the “stuff” on charter schools . Also, I look at many articles and often there are only 2 or 3 comments and all of mine are critical of what they are doing. I call him Shumpeter Peterson; and PEPG has been critiqued on other blogs so you should let your readers know about this EN as a source . If only two readers actually read an EN article and comment, I wonder how many it takes to be the “most widely read” and by how many people.

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