Our Article on Field Trips to Art Museums is #1 on NYT

As I mentioned yesterday, Brian Kisida, Dan Bowen, and I had an article in the New York Times Sunday Review on our research about the effects of field trips to art museums.  As the screen-shot below shows, that article is now the most viewed and e-mailed piece on the New York Times web site.  Yeah!

Be sure not to miss our newly published articles in Educational Researcher and Psychology of Music expanding this body of research and exploring it in greater detail.

Displaying Gray Matter Times Screenshot.JPG

One Response to Our Article on Field Trips to Art Museums is #1 on NYT

  1. Duncan Frissell says:

    Remember the research showing that children raised in homes with 100+ books had better educational outcomes than those raised in homes w/o books irrespective of whether or not the “book” group ever read any of the books at home. Do you suppose that children who never went to art museums but whose parents did would do better than children who never went and who had parents who never went?

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