Momma Ain’t Happy

If Momma Aint Happy(Guest post by Greg Forster)

My colleagues at the Friedman Foundation have released a big new survey of mothers of school-age kids. And let me tell you, momma ain’t happy:

  • 61% of school moms say education’s on the wrong track; just 32% say it’s on the right track.
  • Watch out, Common Core test consortia: 79% of school moms rate the federal government’s handling of education as fair or poor; only 17% said good or excellent.
  • 82% of school moms gave an A or B to their local private schools, compared to 43% for public schools. (Momma ain’t unhappy enough!)

The study also surveyed non-moms, so you can compare and contrast. Unsurprisingly, the differences aren’t large – because if momma ain’t happy…


2 Responses to Momma Ain’t Happy

  1. Ayn Marie says:

    Now, “Momma” needs to make her unhappiness known to legislators and local school board members. It is past time for some real spring cleaning.

  2. James says:

    You’re leaving out that a plurality of “Mommas” also said that public education was underfunded.

    Also, in the question about “characteristics or attributes” of a school that would make it a better choice, a survey from an anti-public-education organization curiously omitted the one complaint many of us *do* hear about public schools: the glut of standardized tests that now eat up a month or more in many places that could be spent actually educating kids.

    Might that be because anti-public-school voices like you and your compatriots are imposing those tests on public-school students and teachers in order to make public education less desirable?

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