Updated Reporting on the Global Report Card

Coverage of the Global Report Card continues to roll in.  Here is a current list:

Global Report Card Results and Article

Education Next

Global Report Card Web Site

Methodological Appendix


Sacramento Bee

Hartford Courant

The Oklahoman

Austin American Statesman

Atlanta Journal Constitution


Wall Street Journal (video)

Education Next (video)

Education Next (podcast)

Dallas Morning News (Q&A)

Choice Media.TV (video)


Dallas Morning News (subscription required, although a version can be read here)

Arkansas Democrat Gazette (subscription required)

Roll Call (article by Morton Kondracke)

Education Week

Yahoo News

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Time Magazine


Richmond Times-Dispatch

United Press International

East Valley Tribune (Arizona)

TC Palm

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

St. Pete Times

Maryland Gazette

Hawaii Reporter

Delaware News-Journal

Kansas Reporter

School Library Journal

My Fox DFW

Dallas Observer

Market Watch


Education Next


Joanne Jacobs

Mackinac Center

Illinois Rising

Ed is Watching 

Gotham Schools

Fordham’s Education Gadfly


Bacon’s Rebellion

The Locker Room

The Western Wrangler

Choice Remarks

TPE Post

Missouri Education Watchdog

Whiteboard Advisors

Jorge Werthein

The Caisson

School House Wonk

School Finance 101


The last blog post contained some criticisms about whether the assumptions for the analysis were reasonable.  Josh McGee replied in the comment section of that post.  And NCES Commissioner, Jack Buckley, told Education Week that “The methodology in this report is highly questionable.”  This assessment is a little strange because what we did was similar to what the U.S. Department of Education has done in several past reports linking international test results to state NAEP results.  (See for example this.)  We just bring the results down to the district level.  If ours is highly questionable, then the U.S. Department of Education’s own efforts must also be questionable.

(UPDATED 12-19-11)

3 Responses to Updated Reporting on the Global Report Card

  1. Greg Forster says:

    I love how people with no legitimate points to make throw around the meaningless word “questionable.” What on Earth would an “unquestionable” empirical study look like? (Other than the studies on global warming, of course, which all decent people agree are unquestionable.)

  2. allen says:

    Well that’s pretty depressing.

    In terms of improving the study the thing I’d like to see added is some sort of comparison of expenditures.

    Looking at the results for the DPS can only result in a sigh of resignation but knowing that the public’s paying a high price monetarily for crappy results might make the need to take action a bit more urgent.

  3. […] one post with many, many links on the global education report card as put together by Jay P. Greene. We are honored to have one of our articles reprinted in his […]

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