Burke and Ladner Sing the real “Empire State of Mind” Duet on NRO

Now you’re in New York FLOR-I-DA!  Our minority children outscore your WHOLE STATE! There’s nothing we can’t do! 

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

The Heritage Foundation’s Lindsey Burke and I hit National Review Online on Florida’s K-12 success in raising minority academic achievement.

In California, Meg Whitman won the Republican nomination for governor in overwhelming fashion on Tuesday. As you can see on her campaign site, Whitman wants to bring Florida reforms to California, which desperately needs them. California is a gigantic state that scores like an urban school district on NAEP. Without large improvements in California, it is unlikely that we will see the United States even begin to close the academic gap with European and Asian nations.

3 Responses to Burke and Ladner Sing the real “Empire State of Mind” Duet on NRO

  1. concerned says:

    (p. 13) http://www.pioneerinstitute.org/pdf/100223_why_race_to_the_middle.pdf

    It is common knowledge that California, despite its widely praised academic standards for K-12, does not lead the nation in mathematics achievement.

    What is not commonly known is California’s extraordinary success in teaching Algebra I to grade 8 students.


    See Presentations on NAEP Algebra by Bass and Milgram here:

  2. concerned says:

    And How Important is ALGEBRA, really?

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