Moe in WSJ

Terry Moe has an excellent piece in the Wall Street Journal today.  He suggests that the Democrats (including himself as an early Obama supporter) are the logical source of education reform.  He writes:

“If children were their sole concern, Democrats would be the champions of school choice. They would help parents put their kids into whatever good schools are out there, including private schools. They would vastly increase the number of charter schools. They would see competition as healthy and necessary for the regular public schools, which should never be allowed to take kids and money for granted.”

3 Responses to Moe in WSJ

  1. Fundman says:

    I’m actually surprised that we haven’t heard more about Obama’s decision to send his kids to Sidwell Friends and the potential impact on school choice. Also, didn’t Tyler Cowen and Alex T. over at MR note that his early choices for ed posts seem sympathetic to choice?

  2. Hi Fundman,

    I did blog on the Obama decision, arguing that it’s not important where he sends his kids. See .

    In the comments Clint Bolick makes an excellent argument for the other side on this issue.

  3. Fundman says:

    I tend to lean toward Clint’s point of view, but having lived in the District I’ve seen liberals turn this argument around and use the tired argument for more funding.

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