Education Next Ranks the Blogs

Mike Petrilli has a piece in the new issue of Education Next that ranks some of the most prominent education policy blogs.  The JPGB (that’s Jay P. Greene’s Blog) was ranked 10th according to Technorati’s authority measure, which counts the number of links to a web site in the last 180 days.  JPGB came in just behind Flypaper, to which Petrilli contributes and which was started at about the same time as JPGB.

But Education Nextis part of the dead wood media and the numbers are out of date.  They’re like so two months ago.  Rob Pondiscio over at Core Knowledge has more current numbers and added some other blogs to his list based on what was in his bookmarks.  Here is what he found:

Blog                Technorati Rank       Google Rank

Joanne Jacobs              217                    6
Eduwonkette               167                    6
Eduwonk                     146                    7
Campaign K-12           125                    6
The Education Wonks  119                    6
Flypaper                       95                     5
Jay P. Greene          93                 6
The Quick and the Ed  87                      6
Matthew K. Tabor         85                     6
Core Knowledge     84                  5
This Week in Education  79                   5
Edwize                         74                     6
Intercepts                   69                      4
Schools Matter           68                       5
Bridging Differences   66                      6
D-Ed Reckoning        56                        5
Edspresso                  46                        5
NCLB Act II                40                        5
Sherman Dorn           39                        5
Eduflack                    29                        5
Swift and Change Able 27                     5
Thoughts on Education Policy 25          4

UPDATE:  I’ve added the Google Page Rankings, which you can identify for any web site here.  Unlike Technorati, which just counts links to a site, Google Page Rank weights links by how many links the other sites receive.  This seems like a better approach but unfortunately the Google Page Ranks are only provided on a 1 to 10 scale.  Using it, Eduwonk is the king of the education policy blogs, not Eduwonkette.

2 Responses to Education Next Ranks the Blogs

  1. […] the article, intended for a non-savvy audience, is already out of date – or as Jay Greene puts it, “like so two months ago”. Meanwhile, Robert Pondiscio at the Core Knowledge Blog wonders why his site was left off […]

  2. […] Greene adds Google page rankings: I’m a 6. Still […]

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