Blog Security Risk

I don’t mean to alarm all of you, but I should tell you that Greg Forster, Matt Ladner, and I were all in the same place last week.  I know that this was an unacceptable breach of blog security — if something awful should have happened to us, if terrorists had struck, who would have been left to carry-on with the blog?

Normally we maintain blog security by ensuring that one of us is kept in a bunker in an undisclosed location when the other two meet.  Having us all three together was running an unreasonable risk.

We have taken concrete steps to improve blog security.  In particular, I have successfully cloned myself so that Jay Prime can go to the bunker if the three of us ever get together again.  Jay Prime has been taught all of the secrets of the Jay P. Greene Blog so that if anything should happen the blog will be able to continue.  The Blog Security color remains orange, so we will continue to be vigilant against any and all threats.

3 Responses to Blog Security Risk

  1. John Warner says:

    I don’t know where you were when you were all in the same place last week, but I do appreciate you participating last week in the Clemson Education Conference ( It was a very interesting and spirited discussion.

    I agree with you that we ought to take the steps forward we can, even if this isn’t all we want. I’d love to hear more about best practices in how to get reform done. The existing public school system isn’t going to disappear over night. Perhaps the biggest challenge for choice advocates is the transition from where we are to where we’d like to be.

  2. Greg Forster says:

    Please remove your shoes before loading this blog.

  3. ryan marsh says:

    I’d suggest equipping Jay Prime (is that what the P stands for?) with an earpiece and wrist microphone, like the Secret Service, so that you can send him into the dangerous situations. No need to risk yourself.

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