Progress on the Achievement Gap

March 25, 2010


(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Loyal JPGB customers may recall one o f the earliest posts about how I went on an adventure in Oregon, noticed that everyone looked Anglo and wealthy, and asked What’s the Matter with Oregon? when I looked at their NAEP test scores.

Well, by way of update, Florida’s Hispanic students tied the statewide average for Anglo students on 4th grade reading in 2009. In fact, the exceeded or tied Anglo students in five states: Louisiana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon and West Virginia.

Florida’s Hispanics scored within a couple of points of Anglo students in huge number of states, including Iowa and Maine.

My first reaction?


My second reaction: somebody travel out to Oregon and wake up the policymakers. It’s a beautiful state you’ve got out there, but granola and illiteracy don’t mix terribly well.