Apply to our PhD Program

The Department of Education Reform, which I chair at the University of Arkansas, is looking for qualified applicants for our doctoral program.  If you are looking to make a difference in education reform, we offer excellent training in a wonderful environment with generous support.  Qualified students can make over $36,000 plus have their tuition paid, which allows one to live pretty well in Fayetteville, AR.  The program is designed to have students graduate in 4 years, after which our alumni have gone on to some very influential and well-paying jobs.

Our program tends to emphasize quantitative methods, but we do not demand that students enter with any specific prior math training.  We’re just looking for smart folks who are willing to work hard and are eager to learn.  We provide a lot of support to help students.  In addition to generous financial packages and readily available funds for travel, equipment, and research, we also lavish a lot of attention on our students.  We only have 15-20 students at any given time for a faculty of 7.  And much of our training occurs by having students join research teams right away and begin working on projects.  Our program has a strong apprenticeship model, encouraging students to learn by doing.

We only enroll 4-5 students each year and do not admit anyone who does not qualify for a fellowship.  So, the standards are high, but the opportunities are great for those who are admitted.  We encourage prospective applicants to check out details about our program on our web site.  Also feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.  Applications are due January 10.

3 Responses to Apply to our PhD Program

  1. Jason Bedrick says:

    Note the key words: “*in* Fayetteville, AR.”

    • Patrick Wolf says:

      Yes, Jason, such a beautiful place to conduct face-to-face mentoring of students without the artificial filter of technology!

      • Jason Bedrick says:

        I have no doubt Fayetteville is lovely, and as soon as I get my Time-Turner working so I can be in two places at once, you can expect my application in your inbox!

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