Wonk Action Shot- North Carolina edition!

Forsooth Carolinia- the Bureau of Census doth foretell of the advance to your shores of vast throngs of the young and the aged! Bestow yourself with speed: These hordes are bravely in their battles set, And will with all expedience charge on us!

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

So North Carolina is one of the age demographic “Big Trouble” states according to the Census Bureau projections:


So this week I had the pleasure of venturing out to North Carolina to sound the alarm along with our partners Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina. You can see a video of PEFNC president Darrell Allison and talking it over here.

North Carolina’s age dependency ratio will be going up do to a projected increase of over 550,000 school age residents and over a million residents age 65 and over.

NC age dependency rato

If you look at recent trends in the NC state budget, you already see evidence of Medicaid increases (which the elderly play a large roll in driving) putting a pinch on other types of spending:

NC Budget


One Response to Wonk Action Shot- North Carolina edition!

  1. pdexiii says:

    But I live in California; if I read this right, I should be very, very, worried right now.
    I encourage my 20-something former students to move from California, because not only is that ratio bad for older Californians, but the younger ones struggle to make a living out here due to our high cost-of-everything.

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