Ended the Wonk Wars Have

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Congrats to hometown hero Seth Rau of Nevada Succeeds, winner of the 2015 Wonkathon! Mike Petrilli’s reflection on the 14 wonkathon entries is available here.  Thanks to the Fordham folks for pulling it together.

In other news, I have officially lost count of the number of private choice enactments this year. Florida lawmakers circled back to expand ESA eligibility and tripled the funding for FLESA. I understand that Ohio lawmakers improved the Buckeye State’s scholarship funding. South Carolina increased funding for their tax-credit program. The Wisconsin statewide expansion is still pending.  So let’s see if I can list them out:

MS special needs ESA

NV tax credit

TN special needs ESA

Ark special needs voucher

AZ ESA expansion for reservation kids

AZ tax credit expansion to S-corp donors

FL ESA expansion

OH voucher improvements

SC tax credit expansion

MT tax credit program


IN increased scholarship amounts

PA and WI are still in the works, plus I am pretty sure I am forgetting some.  Still too early for the inevitable 2015 vs. 2011 post- or is it?



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