Denny and Alan put the 2014-15 season in the Books

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

So Denny, another football season has moved into the books. What did you make of the Superbowl last night?



Yes Denny, the Superbowl…


Was that last night?

Yes Denny. Did you watch it?

Yes now that you mention it I did watch it. Good to see the hometown team win. Otherwise pretty boring. When did The Onion start producing the half-time show? *sip*

Over a decade ago Denny, but I agree, the whole thing seems stale. @@puff@@

Just can’t stay interested. How long until college football kicks off?

We have many desolate months to face Denny, with only National Signing Day and the NFL Draft to tide us over in the meantime.

I can muster a little interest in March Madness. Have you ever gone to watch the games at a Vegas sports book? So many people have bet on the games that there are hundreds of people cheering and groaning at the end of every game. Good fun @puff@

You’ll have to take me out in the Gulf Stream. What did you think about the first college football playoff?

I told you not to sleep on the Bucks, but I’m still amazed that they beat Alabama and Oregon with their 3rd string quarterback.

Yes that was a bit of a shock. First start, crushing victory in the Big 10 championship, second start whip Alabama, third start national championship. Jones should drop the mic, lift his arms in a V and walk off the stage.

Only Denny Crane could avoid regression to the mean after that. Of course, if he were Denny Crane, he’d just be getting warmed up. @puff@pufffff@

*sip* Quite. Any thoughts on next year Denny?

Getting clobbered in the bowl games is not going to sit well with the SEC West, but they can’t keep the East down forever. TCU might have been the second best team last year and should rule the roost in the Big 12. Out west, keep an eye on Stanford, UCLA and Arizona. In the Big 10, the Harbaugh era begins but the Bucks have a head start. Keep an eye on the Domers.

See you next year Denny?

@puff@ Bet on it!





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