What did we learn in this week’s episode of College Football Denny?

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

So Denny what did you make of college football this week?

Arkansas and Texas are the guys in the PG movie that everyone is reallllly hoping it will happen for. They need to be the guy in the rated R movie.

You are right Denny. Baylor after all has claws and teeth, and they killed the bunny in the 4th quarter when they really needed it.

**puff puff**

What else?

The Egg Bowl is looking like an elimination round for the playoff. Whoda thunk it? Even if it isn’t both of those teams deserve a medal for punking the Aggies. Have I ever mentioned how loathsome those….

Many times Denny- but don’t forget there is another elimination round coming next week….

Ah yes Notre Dame travels to Tallahassee to take on Florida State.

What do you make of that game Denny?

Hmpphf, the Seminoles should be distracted, but the Irish have to change planes in Atlanta. I’ll take the Seminoles.

I’m looking for a little Irish magic in that one Denny. You of course remember the 1993 game…

Absolutely…and also what Boston College did to them the following week!

Now Denny- what have I told you about hating on the Domers?

**puff puff**

I don’t hate the Domers, I just don’t like a team having their own network.

Yes Denny well then what about the Longhorn Network?

Well now see here, that, that’s different….

And the blatant CBS SEC homer-ism? Yesterday they claimed that 7 SEC teams controlled their own destiny for the playoff, but that the winner of the Baylor-TCU game would “need help.”


And some of those teams were from the lowly SEC EAST….

Outrageous! You are right-there has never been media bias to match that. Fill me up would you?

Certainly. I haven’t been able to muster any interest in the Big 10 lately, but what about out West Denny?

Don’t sleep on Michigan State and the Buckeyes. Out west, Oregon is not dead yet…UCLA is getting close…Arizona finally lost despite a rally to USC.

See you next week Denny?

**puff** @sip@ **puff**

Count on it.






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