San Dimas SAT Scores Rule! Errrrr…at least compared to Texas!

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

So usually every other week or so there is a new story about how Texas has once again drop kicked California in one way or another. It would start to get boring if it weren’t just so delightful for some of us, complete with great info-graphics like:


Oh and this one:

And of course the editorial cartoonists have joined in the fun:

But at long last, the SURFER STRIKES BACK in the news today from the Dallas Morning News that Texas SAT scores have hit a 22 year low. Worse still, California, long a smear on the bottom of the Texas boot, has comparable student demographics and participation rates but better scores!

So cheer up gnarly surfer dude! Texas may have a top business climate, population and economic growth, etc. but they have in recent years displayed a complacency regarding K-12 reform that has allowed even California to overtake them.





2 Responses to San Dimas SAT Scores Rule! Errrrr…at least compared to Texas!

  1. To be fair, after controlling for confounding socio-economic/demographic factors, both Texas and California have seen their SAT scores decline by about 1 percent over the past decade:
    Note, though, that I don’t have the latest scores on these charts.

  2. Greg Forster says:

    Sorry, Andrew, your graphs use only one color so I lost interest.

    San Diemas High School football ROCKS!

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