Indy Voucher Spaces Crunch

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Make sure to read this article on Indy voucher kids running out of space.  Amid the discussion of equalizing funding and facility funding lies  an interesting little nugget: Indiana has 900 private schools but only 300 take scholarship kids.

So to get more spaces, perhaps someone ought to conduct a survey to learn whether any changes in the law might result in some of the 2/3 of non-participant schools deciding to join.  I would never expect anything close to 100% participation (it’s a free country after all) but having that 2/3 to 1/3 split would be nice to go the other direction.



3 Responses to Indy Voucher Spaces Crunch

  1. allen says:

    Come on, this isn’t rocket science.

    It’s a three year old program in a very contentious area of public policy and if the winds of political sentiment veer tomorrow, or next year, the program could disappear. If a private school’s made a “bet the house” decision on the longevity of the program and lose the school’s gone like a cool breeze.

    If greater buy-in on the part of school operators is to be achieved then those school operators have to have some assurance they’re not betting their school on the flip of a coin.

  2. matthewladner says:

    I don’t doubt that could indeed be a factor, but the Indy program is through the court system and the danger of legislative repeal seems rather remote. Plus schools can choose to participate at modest levels so as to avoid creating financial dependence if they wish.

  3. Jason Bedrick says:

    I suspect the testing requirements play a large role in this split. Maybe Friedman can conduct a survey?

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