Greg goes Three-Peat on Jay Mathews

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

I think Greg has three-peated on his bet with Jay Mathews regarding school choice expansion. Here is my count, with a few of these not being totally done deals yet (but close enough):

Alabama new tax credit program

Arizona ESA expansion

Indiana voucher program expansion

Indiana tax credit program expansion

Iowa tax credit expansion

South Carolina new tax credit program

Utah voucher program funding increase and formula funding

Wisconsin voucher program expansion

New program discussions are still ongoing in North Carolina and Ohio.  Even before knowing how these turn out, 2013 already represents a very solid year for the movement with two new states added to the choice family and some significant improvements to existing programs.

UPDATE: Paul Diperna wrote me to note that Alabama passed both a refundable and a scholarship credit- meaning two new programs. Extra style points for Greg.

4 Responses to Greg goes Three-Peat on Jay Mathews

  1. Jason Bedrick says:

    Also, Arizona expanded its scholarship tax credit program as well (at least it expanded the types of donors who can participate in the corporate program, which will mean more funding, particularly with the escalator).

    • Matthew Ladner says:


      I think that bill received a veto, although the Governor’s veto message said that she hoped to work on language for next session to get it through..

      • Jason Bedrick says:

        Ugh, really? I wrote about it after it passed the House. I forgot that we have an unpredictable lunatic for governor.

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