Wolf on Milwaukee School Choice and Disabilities

Pat Wolf does a beautiful job on the Ed Next blog of dispensing with a series of false claims about school choice and disabilities in Milwaukee.  You should really read it.  It’s a work of art.

2 Responses to Wolf on Milwaukee School Choice and Disabilities

  1. George Mitchell says:

    Pat’s excellent essay addresses on of many Wisconsin school choice issues that have been subject to distortion and misinformation. Wisconsin’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, who holds a PHD and sits on the UW Board of Regents, has chosen to misrepresent the work of UW Prof John Witte, a colleague of Pat’s on the School Choice Demonstration Project. The superintendent falsely describes Witte’s findings as to the high school graduation rate among school choice students in Milwaukee. He also rejects the rigorous longitudinal test score comparison that Witte and Wolf designed to evaluate the scores of choice and public school students. The bottom line is that opponents of school choice continue to be dominated by individuals who are willing to be dishonest. This has been a factor for the last twenty years. Notwithstanding the summary work done by Greg Forster and others, rigorous scholarship continues to be treated with disdain by those who wish to block school choice.

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