Random Pop Nationalization

“Don’t support national standards? Here is a pair of clown shoes to wear!”

(Guest post by Greg Forster)

NRO is on fire this morning. An awesome appreciation of the classic G.I. Joe series from Loren Smith (“When I get my hands on those Red October whackos, I’ll make ’em wish Karl Marx was Groucho’s brother!”) and a call to arms from Sally Lovejoy on how the Obama administration has made a lot of progress toward nationalizing education (“With the approval of two more state waivers of the NCLB Act, over half the states (26) have exchanged one set of federal mandates for another, moving us closer to a nationalized educational system.”).

Coincidence? Son, when COBRA is involved, there are no coincidences.



3 Responses to Random Pop Nationalization

  1. allen says:

    That’s it, young man! No more television for you until you finish your homework.

    Now run upstairs and tell Wally that your mother will have dinner on the table if five minutes.

    I’m not that worried about COBRA, err the federal government, taking over public education. Yeah, there’s been an easiness-dispelling increase in federal influence in public education but even so, and after all the decades of attempts to encourage a federal encroachment of public education, it’s still very much of a tentaive effort.

    The baited hook’s still what gets the federal government a toe-hold in public education and the public education lobby, both at the state and federal level, is clearly trailing blood. The defenders of the status quo have lately suffered a steady drumbeat of losses at the state level and it’s only a matter of time before that starts to occur at the federal level.

    Now I’ve got to get back to plotting the demise of COBRA from my headquarters aboard the giant, nuclear-powered, flying, aircraft carrier. Try not to bother me.

  2. COBRA — Didn’t the Cheat Commandos defeat them?

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