Running Up the Score: Make That Ten

Thou shalt not dismiss the viability of school choice!

(Guest post by Greg Forster)

Earlier this week I celebrated the Oklahoma Eight Ball, the first school choice program passed after the Indiana Triple Play gave me the seven enactments (new or expanded programs) needed to win my bet with Jay Mathews.

Or so I thought! Somehow I missed the Florida Twofer. Florida expanded funds available for its tax-credit scholarship program and made a larger population of students eligible for the McKay voucher program for special needs students(thus expanding the total size of the program because McKay has no cap on total participation).

That puts my score at ten out of seven.

At least six states are still in play according to my sources: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, New Jersey, and South Carolina.

4 Responses to Running Up the Score: Make That Ten

  1. Paul DiPerna says:

    Greg.. Minnesota is still in play too, though odds are long for the program to make it through the grind… Gov. Dayton will likely veto, and then who knows what may happen in conference.

    Latest news here:

    Session is set to conclude on Monday 5/23.

  2. matthewladner says:

    Did you count Georgia? Gov. signed a tax credit expansion recently.

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