Jeb Bush wins Bradley Prize


(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

The good news just keeps rolling in: The Bradley Foundation has awarded former Florida Governor Jeb Bush a prestigious Bradley Prize.

“Governor Bush has been at the forefront of education reform,” said Michael W. Grebe, president and chief executive officer of the Bradley Foundation.  “During his administration and since, Florida students have made incredible gains.  He has also been a vocal advocate for school choice.”

Congratulations to Governor Bush and to the entire Florida reform team!

3 Responses to Jeb Bush wins Bradley Prize

  1. Emanuel Shargel says:

    Congratulating the former Governor Bush for improving the quality of Florida’s schools makes me wonder about your judgment. Have you investigated the relationships between the Governor and the organizations who profited greatly from the lucrative contracts his administration distributed?

  2. matthewladner says:

    NAEP vs. Tin-Foil Hats

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