FEC Drills Down the Data

(Guest post by Greg Forster)

If you want to drill down into state level data on school choice, check out the new edition of The ABCs of School Choice from my comrades-in-arms at the Foundation for Educational Choice.

Back when I was head of research for FEC, I used to put together the ABCs publication, and let me tell you – this new version is not your father’s ABCs. They’ve got a ton of new data, such as:

  • How many students used Arizona’s tax-credit scholarships in each year since the program began? How about the personal tax credit in Illinois or Ohio’s EdChoice voucher?
  • How many schools have taken Florida McKay vouchers in each year? How about Milwaukee vouchers?
  • What was the average dollar value of Georgia’s special needs voucher program in each year? How about Louisiana’s failing-schools voucher?
  • Et cetera?

Plus, as always, the ABCs gives you a detailed rundown on how each program works – the rules and regulations, the eligibility qualifications, legal issues, the whole story. Check it out.

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