Secret Identity Revealed!

(Guest post by Greg Forster)

Randi Weingarten in the Washington Post immediately after Obama’s inauguration:

Should fate, as determined by a student’s Zip code, dictate how much algebra he or she is taught?

Robert Enlow in Sunday’s Chicago Tribune, discussing FEC’s big new ad campaign for choice:

We think it’s amoral to base quality of education on the ZIP code you live in.

Were they separated at birth? Reading each other’s mail? Did Robert steal the training manual from the AFT equivalent of Wudang Mountain?

Or is there, perhaps, something more sinister going on?

I mean, have you ever seen Randi Weingarten and Robert Enlow in the same room at the same time? Who benefits from the appearance that they’re two different people?

Take this picture:

Now add a wig, earrings, makeup, and the world’s most painful looking smile:

That’s not a woman. That’s a MAN, man!

Seriously, congrats to FEC on the big campaign, the coverage in the Trib, and successfully stealing the unions’ most powerful talking point – that the quality of your education shouldn’t be determined by your ZIP code.

2 Responses to Secret Identity Revealed!

  1. Matthewladner says:

    All the pieces have fallen into place! I should have figured it out years ago.

  2. Daniel Earley says:

    Weingarten’s voice is at least an octave higher, even when her feathers aren’t ruffled. Hmmm….

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