NY Post Op-Ed on Klein

In addition to reading Matt’s post on the retirement of Joel Klein as New York City’s school chancellor, check out the op-ed I wrote with Stuart Buck that appeared in today’s New York Post.  Here’s a taste:

In 2003, when Klein became chancellor, only 21 percent of the city’s fourth-grade students were proficient in math, trailing the national average of 31 percent. By 2009, 35 percent of Gotham’s students were proficient at math, nearly catching the national average of 38 percent. New York City’s 14-percentage-point gain was twice as large as the 7-point gain nationwide.

The improvement in fourth-grade reading was similarly strong. Between 2003 and 2009 the percentage of the city’s fourth graders who were proficient at reading jumped from 22 percent to 29 percent. That 7-point gain far outstripped the national improvement, up just 2 points from 30 percent to 32 percent.

The performance of New York City’s eighth graders was less dramatic: Proficiency in the math NAEP rose from 20 percent to 26 percent, tracking the US rise from 27 percent to 33 percent. In reading, city eighth graders remained statistically unchanged, mirroring the national rate.

The large gains in fourth-grade performance and more modest improvements among eighth graders didn’t win over Klein’s fierce critics. The vitriol with which they denounced him was severe, even by New York standards.

3 Responses to NY Post Op-Ed on Klein

  1. fox7843 says:

    All the more reason to terminate the NYC public schools in favor of voucher financed private schools headed by a multiplicity of non-politically oriented leaders who can deal or not with the teachers union.

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  3. MOMwithAbrain says:

    Just finished up lunch w/a former Miller Place teacher who confirmed the unethical behavior among the schools when grading tests. I believe the NY papers recently reported on the cheating that was going on with the testing in the schools. When that made it to the papers, I wasn’t surprised. Look deeper people!

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