Joel Klein Did Matter

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

NYC Chancellor Joel Klein has announced his resignation to be replaced by Cathie Black of Hearst Newspapers.

I don’t know much about Ms. Black other than the fact that she apparently does not shy away from tremendous challenges. Newspapers in the age of a print death spiral and urban schools. What does one do for an encore- Middle East peace?

Early in the JPGB days, I wrote a post on Klein and his critics. I took a skeptical view of the Superheroic Superintendent model of reform.  I have changed my mind.  His run lasted 8 years, and NAEP scores improved by impressive margins.  Mayoral takeovers still don’t strike me as a very promising strategy, but Klein did produce results.

I wish Klein had another 8 years in him, but he leaves NYC schools significantly better than when he found them- a rare accomplishment for an urban superintendent.

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