Random Pop Cuture: The Tom Jones Bandit

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Since several of you will be donning masks in a couple of days, possibly to rob banks with enhanced anonymity, it seemed appropriate to share the great Tom Jones homage to Point Break . Yes, I know how you JPGB readers think, don’t bother to deny it. Really, who hasn’t thought about getting together with your buddies on Halloween, donning ex-President disguises, robbing banks and blending into a crowd of trick or treaters to foil the police?

It was even included in my Point Break 2: Electric Boogaloo screenplay I mailed to Keeanu Reeves in 2001. Keanu, baby, I’m still waiting to hear back from you! Point Break of course was voted the Greatest Bad Movie of All Time by JPGB readers, an honor which it richly deserves. Tom Jones has provided the only sequel:

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