Random Pop Culture Apocalypse: Olympic Ceremonies by DANNY BOYLE?

(Guest post by Greg Forster)

The British want their 2012 Olympic opening ceremonies directed by DANNY BOYLE?

Which of Boyle’s previous landmark works do you think will serve as the model?

The movie that takes us on an unsparing journey into the most horrible depths of heroin addiction, and then ends by mocking bourgeois suburbia as a shallow and superficial life?

The zombie movie whose central lesson is that the only thing more thoroughly evil than rabid remorseless flesh-eating zombies is people?

Or the cute and cuddly story of a little boy who tries to charitably give away a duffel bag full of cash, only to discover that we’re all so evil that every grownup he approaches about it tries to take the cash for himself?

It’s a tossup!

My vote? Wenlock eats Mandeville’s eye out, then Mandeville rips Wenlock’s limbs off. For the opening act.

2 Responses to Random Pop Culture Apocalypse: Olympic Ceremonies by DANNY BOYLE?

  1. How about the uplifting story of true love for a poor Indian orphan:

  2. Brian says:

    I wouldn’t leave out Sunshine. One of Boyle’s better films.

    But there’s no way he can measure up to Zhang Yimou, who did the ceremonies in Beijing. Yimou directed one of my favorite foreign films ever, the Chinese epic To Live. And, of course, he made Hero, one of the most visually stunning films ever made. Boyle’s definitely in over his head.

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