CPS Officials Admit Vouchers Are No Problem

(Guest post by Greg Forster)

The new Chicago Tribune editorial buries the lede in a major way.

The editors praise the Illinois House Executive Committee for passing the voucher bill 10-1. But tucked away in paragraph eight we find this little stick of dynamite:

Chicago schools would wind up with less money, but also with fewer children to educate. CPS officials tell us privately that they could handle that. [ea]

That would certainly be consistent with the large body of high-quality research consistently finding that vouchers improve rather than harm public schools, as well as with the fiscal track record that shows vouchers leave public schools with more dollars per student because their costs fall faster than their revenues.

But I don’t think I’ve ever seen public school officials admit that before, even “privately.” The public school system can handle vouchers, but it can’t handle the truth.

One Response to CPS Officials Admit Vouchers Are No Problem

  1. allen says:

    The editorial would’ve been significantly more forceful, and effective, if it had included the current per student funding for CPS compared to the voucher.

    It would also have been worthwhile to point out that locally-derived revenue wouldn’t be effected at all by vouchers. So the more kids that escape the clutches of CPS (or DPS, Detroit Public Schools) the more money, at least theoretically, there is to spend on the kids whose parents are happy as clams with CPS.

    It’d also be a nice idea to point out how big a chunk of cash that locally-derived revenue actually is with the broad implication that with enough in the way of vouchers there wouldn’t be any need for those locally-derived revenues.

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