The Unions Have Lost Nick Kristoff

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Read it and weep K-12 reactionaries.


Somewhere, John Rawls is smiling.

3 Responses to The Unions Have Lost Nick Kristoff

  1. Minnesota Kid says:


  2. allen says:

    Another bit of evidence of the left/Democratic party splitting along the lines of the education issue?

    My major regret is that the Republicans, tin-eared as ever, will allow the left to be simultaneously on both sides of the issue and do nothing to take advantage of the schism *or* the issue that creates the schism.

  3. […] and blame teachers unions.  Then sit back and watch the fur fly as edubloggers trade attaboys, brickbats, and snappy comebacks like Ben’s Adler’s at Newsweek’s Gaggle blog: […]

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