The Daily Show on Arizona State University

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

So Arizona State asked Barack Obama to deliver the commencement speech, but decided not to offer him an honorary doctorate, opining that his body of work was yet to come, and thus apparently did not merit such an honor.

The Daily Show picked up on this, and well, judge the clip for yourself. I’ve been critical of ASU for a lousy graduation rate and offering staggeringly unseemly bribes overly generous National Merit Scholarships in an effort to create the appearance of academic quality. Get the Daily Show mad at you, however, and they will drop the “Harvard of Date Rape” cluster-bomb on your village without a second thought.

It’s almost enough to make me feel sorry for ASU (once I got my breath back and dried my eyes) but when you lead with your chin, you can’t credibly complain when someone breaks your jaw. When you accept 92% of applicants and have a 28% 4-year graduation rate, it just might indicate that you are using a large number of ill-prepared students as financial cannon-fodder.

Yes, yes-it’s their choice, everyone gets an opportunity, yadda yadda yadda.  That’s all fine until you finance these six-year-beer-soaked-odysseys-of-self-discovery-resulting-in-a-graduation-about-half-the-time-vacations-from-reality with money forcibly extracted from other people. Many of the third party payers never went to college and are struggling to make ends meet.   What choice did they get?

(edited for typos)

One Response to The Daily Show on Arizona State University

  1. Patrick says:

    UNLV 4 year graduation rate = 11%. Higher ed spending in Nevada has grown 3 times faster than the rate of inflation and we still can’t graduate students.

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