Get Lost for Good

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OK, I won’t gloat (too much) about how I correctly predicted that Locke was actually dead and was possessed by some evil force.

Instead I’m going to make new predictions for next season.  The secret to my success at Lost prognostication is just to make a lot of predictions and hope you all forget the majority that I get horribly wrong.

So, here is what I see for next season —  There are two supernatural beings Jacob and his nemesis, who I bet will be called Essau. 

Jacob is the god of life and Essau is the god of death.  Jacob can bring people to life simply by touching them.  We see him bring Locke back to life after he is thrown out of the window.  He brings Illana back from grave injuries in her Russian hospital.  I’m guessing that it was Jacob that saved Ben from death when Richard brought young Ben into the Temple.  In fact, I’ll wager that all of The Others are Jacob’s people because he has saved all of them from death.  That’s why they are so loyal to him and do not fear death.

Essau is the god of death.  All of the dead people we’ve seen around walking around the island are really Essau, including John Locke, Christian Shephard, Eko’s brother, Harper, etc…

Jacob and Essau have been through human history countless times, each working on their superpower of life or death.  They are also playing out a disagreement they have about whether human beings have free will and whether Fate can be changed.  Essau thinks that there really is no free will and Fate cannot be changed.  The details change but Time course-corrects and, as he puts it, “it always ends the same way.”  The way it ends is with death for the individual and global destruction for all of humankind. (Remember the Vanzetti numbers that the Dharma project is working to alter?)

Jacob thinks there can be progress.  He also seems convinced that human beings can make choices and change Fate.  He tells Hurley that he can choose when they ride together in the taxi.  He tells Ben that Ben has a choice before Ben stabs him.

The difficulty is that Jacob promotes the idea of free will at the same time that he manipulates the characters.  He saves Katie from being caught stealing.  He gives Sawyer the pen he uses to finish his revenge letter.  He saves Locke from death.  He save Illana in the hospital and recruits her for her mission.  And he steers Hurley back to the island.

The only flashback in the finale episode that did not involve Jacob manipulating the characters was the one involving Juliet.  And it was Juliet who chooses to let go and fall  into the drill shaft.  And it was Juliet who chooses to detonate the nuke.  She is the variable.  Her choices are different this time through history and that will lead to a change in Fate.

My guess is that the next season will begin on the Oceanic 815 flight to LA and it won’t crash this time.  So, we will think that Fate has changed.  But then all of the main characters will reconnect and find their way to the island.  We will begin to suspect that Time has course-corrected and we’ll think that we are back to things always ending the same way.  But is the grande-finale Jacob and his view of free will will prevail.  The characters will make important choices that avert global destruction.  And I’ll bet that their choices have to do with the affirmation of love, just as Juliet did.

4 Responses to Get Lost for Good

  1. Greg Forster says:

    Don’t believe his lies! Jay Greene has made pact with the devil. In exchange for his soul, he gets to know what will happen on Lost ahead of time each week.

    He claims that the majority of his predictions have not come true, but I don’t remember these alleged false predictions, and I won’t believe in them until Jay posts a list of them here on the blog. 🙂

    Question: if the writers of Lost always do what Jay predicts they will do, do they have free will?

  2. Patrick says:

    So do you think the Locke with Ben is really the smoke monster? Do you remember when Ben went to meet the smoke monster and Locke pulled a Clark Kent and disappeared at that convenient moment?

    Additionally why did living Locke see the smoke monster as some angle? Are Jacob and Esau (as we’ve called him for now) both the smoke monster – meaning they are the same being if not a split personality?

    Interestingly, Ben is the youngest son of Jacob in the biblical tales.

    Do you think Richard came from that Spanish ship that Jacob saw from the shore?

  3. Patrick says:


    The smoke monster threatened Ben, that doesn’t mean it was Ben’s fate to kill Jacob. Ben still had a choice even though his life was threatened.

    That means Jacob gives people a choice and lets them know it while the big bad meanie in black gives people a threat in order to convince them to make their “choice”

    Free will versus coercion – not fate.

  4. jakjonsun says:

    Interesting theory. I agree that the Smoke MOnster acts based on predestination — the ultimate end of the world. While Jacob is attempting to use the intercession of human free will to change this. I think, though, that ultimately the end of the world is going to happen. But rather than change this, they Losties — specifically Jack — will reset history to the very beginning without the Island. Check out my video it’s at

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