I’m My Own Grandpa — Lost Version

It didn’t dawn on me until Patrick’s comment on Greg’s last Lost post, but I’ll bet that little Charlie, Penny and Desmond’s child, is in fact Charles Widmore.  Little Charlie will be whisked to the past on the Island where he can then grow up to be the Charles Widmore we know.  He is, as the song says, his own grandpa.

The reason why Ellie and Charles are so determined not to change the course of events is not that it is impossible, but because it allows Charles to exist.  So Ellie goes around convincing people, including Desmond and Daniel, that time cannot be changed because she doesn’t want time changed.

I’d further guess that the coming war will be between those who are trying to change the course of time and those who believe that it can’t or shouldn’t be changed.  Jack will lead the change faction and John will lead the destiny faction.  That’s why Charles Widmore needed back on the island to ensure that the right side is going to win.

Update — And I’ll bet that Charlie has already been kidnapped by Charles and Ellie.  The nurse oddly told Penny to leave her child while visiting Desmond.  You wouldn’t bother having that bit of dialogue unless it mattered.

(edited to add link, correct typo, and add update)

10 Responses to I’m My Own Grandpa — Lost Version

  1. Greg Forster says:

    Why do you think John will lead the faction to avoid changing time? You’ve mentioned why Widmore wanted to help John, but why would John want to help Widmore? So far he hasn’t shown any inclination to like or trust him; so far Widmore and John seem to just be taking advantage of each other.

  2. Patrick says:

    He wouldn’t be his own grandpa if Penny isn’t really his daughter but someone he adopted just like Ben’s adopted daughter.

  3. I don’t think John will lead the destiny side for Charles’ sake. He will do it because he believes it. And he believes it, at least in part, because Charles has been tricking him into believing it.

    Of course, John may really be Smokey, as I’ve suggested before, and it could be that Smokey is on the side of destiny.

    And Patrick, the song also involves non blood relatives.

    • Greg Forster says:

      How has Charles been tricking him into believing it?

      1) I don’t recall Charles saying anything to John on this subject.

      2) I do recall John not trusting a word Charles said.

      John will do what Jacob tells him to do. Right now Jacob and Charles are on opposite sides.

      On the “what if she’s adopted” question, I think the point is that there’s no irresolvable paradox if she’s adopted, and therefore your theory wouldn’t work on that premise. Of course the only real way to find out the answer is to wait and see.

      • Patrick says:

        Are you saying that Widmore couldn’t adopt his own mother?

      • Greg Forster says:

        Sorry, Patrick, to whom is your question about Widmore adopting his own mother addressed? My point is that there’s an irresolvable paradox if Widmore is his own biological grandpa, but not if he’s his own adopted grandpa.

      • Patrick says:

        I was addressing my question to you. I understand the paradox, so I did not assume that he was his own grandpa. My assumption was that Penny was adopted by Widmore but is in fact Widmore’s mother. At some point the baby is brought back to the island and grows up.

        You then said my theory doesn’t work. I didn’t understand this point, could you explain?

      • Greg Forster says:

        Sorry, I was talking to Jay. If your theory is true, then Jay’s theory doesn’t work.

  4. Charles’ influence is often indirect. Working with Ellie they work on convincing Desmond that the course of time cannot be changed. This ensures that Charlie dies, that the location of the island is revealed to Penny and the freighter, and that little Charlie is born. John has his views about fate reinforced by these events.

    Charles has Mr. Abaddon driving John around, influencing him.

    And I’m not so convinced that Charles and the Island/Jacob/Smokey are at odds. Yes, Charles was exiled but that was because of Ben. And Ben is a change in the way Fate was supposed to happen. He was supposed to die, but Richard saved him despite being warned that Charles and and Ellie wouldn’t like it.

    Yes, you can say that the Island allowed Ben to live, but that argument would presuppose that Destiny cannot be changed. I think Destiny can and has been changed, but Charles and Ellie are working hard to ensure that as little is changed as possible. The Island/Jacob/Smokey may want the same end result as they do.

    • Greg Forster says:

      What makes you think Ben’s survival represents a change in the way “fate” was “supposed” to happen? Maybe it was always supposed to happen this way.

      So far the only tangible evidence that the timeline can be changed is that Sun, Frank, Ben and John seem to have arrived on the Island in an alternate timeline where the Dharma base camp was never taken over by the Others. And we have no idea what event was changed to produce that alternate timeline – but surely it wasn’t Ben’s survival!

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