DoE agency attempts to Bury the Third Year DC Evaluation

DoE to DC kids

(Guest Post byMatthew Ladner)

The third year evaluation of the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program is out, and the results are POSITIVE.

I’ll leave a discussion of the results to others. I’m feeling more than a little perturbed by the blatant Machiavellian politics surrounding the use of the report. 

The Department of Education released this report today, on a Friday afternoon. This constitutes a completely obvious attempt to draw as little media attention as possible.


Let’s review: the Congress essentially voted to kill the program a few weeks ago, this report must have been sitting on some bureaucrat’s desk in the department of education. A number of Democrats, including President Obama by the way, have stated that they are open to the school vouchers depending upon the results of research.

A few weeks later, the Department releases the study in a way obviously calculated to draw the least amount of attention. I’m starting to read the report, but the press release looks to contain some negative spin as well.

The future of 1,700 students at stake, after all, and such attempts at manipulation are simply sickening.

3 Responses to DoE agency attempts to Bury the Third Year DC Evaluation

  1. Shakes says:

    That is sad. It is hard to believe they are forcing those kids back into the DC public school system.

  2. […] have described the DOE’s release of the results on a Friday afternoon as an attempt to “bury” the good news in the hopes that it won’t be […]

  3. […] complicated. The positive results for the program are an embarrassment to Congress, which just voted to end the program without waiting for the study results to come out (oops!), and to the Obama administration, which […]

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