BCS declares OU National Champions

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Why not? The last time a team beat OU by ten points on a neutral field, they edged that team out for a spot in the Big 12 title game and the national championship game.

Luckily for OU they lost exactly by ten points again on a neutral field. I fully expect the BCS, it its’ collective stupor, to award OU the national championship.

5 Responses to BCS declares OU National Champions

  1. Patrick says:

    You are just jealous you didn’t have the chance to lose the national championship game.

  2. You are both just mad that you don’t have a basketball team that can beat Arkansas.

  3. matthewladner says:

    Ah, if only we had a playoff. That way, my Horns or someone else could have exposed the Sooners as a latter day version of the 1990 Houston Cougars without wasting a spot in the national championship game. Oh, wait, that already happened last October.

    Basketball? What is this thing you call “basketball”? That’s one of those minor sports played while college football season is not going on, right?

  4. Matt, Matt, Matt. Tackle Michael Crabtree. Quietly go about the business of defeating a mediocre Tech team (a team that surely you will acknowledge deserved to be in the Fiesta Bowl, having beaten Texas and all), and none of this obsessing would be necessary.


  5. matthewladner says:

    Ouch! 🙂

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