Two Days Later…Pain Still Raw

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

The Houston Chronicle called it “one for the ages” and it is hard to disagree. The Texas Tech vs. Texas game was an instant classic- plenty of drama and late game heroics.

I’ve discovered that I like classic games better when my team wins. C’est la vie.

Tech deserves a ton of credit. Their coaches out-coached ours, and their players were lights out. Texas starts three defensive ends on the d-line (all the better to sprint through big spreads on the offensive line and crush the qb) so Tech ditched their line splits and (shocker) ran the football down our throat and controlled the clock. Golf clap for strategery!

It would be nice if the multi-million dollar Texas coaching staff would

A. Teach proper kickoff coverage technique.

B. Not call a slow developing run play from the end zone.

C. Milk as much time off the clock as possible on what is certain to be your last offensive drive.

D. Have your offensive linemen hold when the refs absolutely refuse to enforce the penalty.

E. All of the Above

If you answered “E” give yourself a gold star- not that I’m bitter or anything.

Despite all of that, Texas took the lead with 1:26 to go in the game, and came within a dropped interception and single tackle on the games final second of somehow prevailing. Congrats Raider fans- see you in Austin next year.

5 Responses to Two Days Later…Pain Still Raw

  1. Ryan says:

    How about F: keep losing so that those of us from schools with a strong dislike for Texas (the Arkansas, the OUs, the Texas Tech/A&Ms, etc.) out there can be happy?

    This is my guilty pleasure, my chance for schadenfreude: I admit feeling enjoyment in another’s pain when that pain is a Texas loss.

  2. matthewladner says:

    Well it is quite a relief to know that someone is getting something out of it!

  3. Patrick says:

    Now if Oklahoma can beat OSU and Texas Tech, and then romp the Big 12 North champion (again) we have a shot.

    I’d like to see Penn State vs. Oklahoma in the national championship.

    I’ll get to wear my Penn State shirt with my Oklahoma hat and I’ll scream and clap and run in circles during that game…eitherway I’ll be a winner.

  4. I feel your pain, Matt. I took my son to the Fiesta Bowl featuring Oklahoma and Boise State. The fact that it was “one for the ages” didn’t really diminish our pain.

  5. matthewladner says:

    Thanks Brandon. Patrick, you have forgotten that Texas owns the tie breaker against OU so long as they win out. In the event of a three way tie (i.e. Tech loses only once) then the highest ranked BCS team goes to the championship to kill the sacrificial lamb from the Big 12 North.

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