Dan Lips Interviews the Chef

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Dan Lips interviews Jeb Bush about education reform on National Review Online today.

4 Responses to Dan Lips Interviews the Chef

  1. dcowart says:

    I must praise Jeb Bush for his dedication and leadership. I also agree in principle with some of what he says, but as I read the interview it sounds more like an infomercial for NCLB than new reform initiatives. I wish he said more about how they made these reform initiatives work in Florida rather than just listing out parts of NCLB like it is a great law. From where I am sitting, the lack of funding for the NCLB mandates is bankrupting the schools. So Jeb Bush has done a great job cheerleading NCLB for his brother, but I still wonder how we pay for this reform.

  2. Greg Forster says:

    You mean, “Dan Lips of Jay P. Greene’s Blog,” right?

    For those who are wondering why Matt puts a picture of the infamous diner scene from When Harry Met Sally on every post about Florida, see here:


  3. […] Heritage Foundation education policy analyst Dan Lips was able to sit down and interview Jeb Bush (H/T Matt Ladner) at a recent education reform summit in Orlando. Here are a few key excerpts of Bush’s […]

  4. Diane Hanfmann says:

    Is this a fictional story about the A+ plan ?

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