Bloggers Shouldn’t Have Rapper Names

October 8, 2008

In my last post I described Jennifer Jennings as the blogger formerly known as Eduwonkette.  I had thought we only had to call her Eduwonkette when we didn’t know who she was.  But I guess she continues to go by her rapper name, Eduwonkette.  And Aaron Pallas, an otherwise respectable scholar, continues to call himself Skoolboy — with a k!  And I guess they are both cribbing (in the non-rapper meaning) from Eduwonk, who we’ve always known to be Andy Rotherham.

I find the use of rapper names by bloggers to be downright silly.  It’s especially silly when accompanied by self-aggrandizing cartoons and graphics.  Here at Jay P. Greene’s Blog we’ve gone for a minimalist approach, both out of laziness and an aesthetic vision that tried to put the focus on content.

But if a bunch of other folks are going to continue to call themselves rapper names and have cartoon graphics to represent themselves, maybe I should do the same.  Perhaps I should go by my rapper name — DJ Super-Awesome.  And maybe we should use Thundarr the Barbarian graphics to represent ourselves.  I call the image of Ookla and I’ll let Greg and Matt fight over who gets to be Ariel.

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