New Hampshire Legislators Override Veto, Create School Choice Tax Credit for Low and Middle Income Students

June 27, 2012

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

Both houses of the New Hampshire legislature have voted to override Governor Lynch’s veto of a new parental choice tax credit for low and middle-income families.


Congratulations to New Hampshire’s lawmakers and choice advocates. By my count, this means that Greg has defeated Jay Mathews for a second year in a row with seven new programs or program expansions: Arizona tax credit expansion, Arizona Education Savings Account expansion, Florida tax credit expansion, Louisiana new voucher program, new Louisiana tax credit program, new Virginia tax credit, new New Hampshire credit.

Year a’int done yet!

Governor Bush on NH Tax Credits: A Good Deal for Poor Students

June 26, 2012

 (Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

New Hampshire lawmakers will convene tomorrow in special session, with one of the items on the agenda being an attempt to override Governor Lynch’s veto of a scholarship tax credit. Governor Bush explains in the Concord Monitor today why the program deserves support.

Money quote:

Americans of all philosophical backgrounds desire schools designed to give all children – even those who start with the least – the best possible chance at success. The American dream of equality of opportunity will not be nearly fulfilled unless those less advantaged are given more power over where their children go to school.

New Hampshire will be a better and stronger state if the Legislature overrides the governor’s veto.


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