Florida Creates the Nation’s Second Account Based K-12 Choice Program

May 2, 2014

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

The Florida legislature has passed the nation’s second account based choice program- known as the Florida Personal Learning Scholarship Accounts.  Florida students with disabilities, including those in public, private and home schools can apply to the program, which has multiple allowable uses including private school tuition, therapies, digital learning, curriculum and prepaid college savings. The program will be administered through the preexisting scholarship groups but will be state funded, receiving a $18.4 million appropriation.


Arizona originated scholarship tax credits and Floridians have documented evidence of the effectiveness of the concept for both participant and competitive effects.   Account based choice programs also originated in Arizona, and the race is now on to see which state can best prove out the concept.  Congratulations to choice advocates in the Sunshine State- and welcome to the party!

Who’s next?