Stop! Hammer Time!

January 2, 2016

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

In the great tradition of Marvel’s No-Prize and our own Al Copeland Humanitarian Award, I am very pleased to have received a 2015 Hammer Award from the Arizona Chamber of Commerce!

Mr. Education: Matt Ladner. Dr. Ladner’s blogs on NAEP scores and the outstanding performance of Arizona’s charter schools, which put us in a statistical dead heat with top-performer Massachusetts, were must-reads for education wonks and those of us tired of reading only the bad news about Arizona’s K-12 system. Dr. Ladner offers readers a welcome and needed national perspective. We are lucky he is based here in Arizona. He’s the Paul Goldschmidt of education policy: he’s a gentleman, generous with his time, and produces the equivalent of quality at bats every game. 

I have not felt so honored since being awarded the first (and as far as I know only!) Lifetime Bunkum from NEPC, and after that Mrs. Ladner had to my post bail and then drive me to the hospital. I mean who could have possibly suspected that Caesar’s Palace suites could catch fire? Jay and Greg tend to point fingers at each other. Or maybe it was Holly Madison and those tigers that are  really to blame. Enlow just had to invite them back to the suite. In the end we all know that all roads of suspicion ultimately lead back to the Barbarian.

In any case it was a heck of a week until that happened.

But I digress…any time someone who could not jump rope to save his life gets compared to the great Paul Goldschmidt it’s time to celebrate, or better yet to CeleNAEP, just a little calmer this time! My sincere thanks to my great partners in reform at the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and A for Arizona.

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