Alaska House Passes Scholarship Tax Credits and A-F School Grading

April 9, 2014

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

I was already madly in love with Alaska after having visited in 2006.  Now United States Senate candidate Mead Treadwell (great guy) had me up and gave me some great advice. My flight left at something like 2:30 am (they like to have planes leave Alaska late and fill up in the lower 48 early) and so Mead advised me to go up to Talkeetna and recruit some climbers to do a flight seeing tour of Mount McKinley.  The first guy I found had a ZZ-Top style beard and was from Vermont, and then I found two yuppies from Boulder who were heading up to camp and climb for a week. We landed on the glacier and the whole scene looked like another planet, let’s call it “Hoth.”

The pilot reassured us that we had picked the right time to come (May) because the cold had snapped but the Grizzlies were still hibernating. Best $100 I ever spent.

Anyhoo, now I somehow love Alaska even more because last night the House passed both a scholarship tax credit program and A-F school grading.


Are there any actual “Dinosaurs” on this Dinosaur tour?

May 2, 2011

(Guest Post by Matthew Ladner)

We interrupt this foreign policy celebration for a little “education policy news” on this “education policy blog.”

I have just received word that bills to grade Oklahoma schools A-F and to curtail the social promotion of illiterate 3rd graders are off to the Governor. Congratulations to the great ed-reform team of Oklahoma!

Please resume celebrations: