For the Al: John and Justine Glaser

5 of NYC's Oldest Bakeries: Ferrara, Veniero, Glaser's, Parisi, and  Caputo's - Page 3 of 5 - Untapped New York

(Guest Post by Ron Spalter)

I respectfully submit, as nominees for the 2021 Al, John and Justine Glaser.  John and Justine are the originators and creators of the greatest pastry in the history of the world, the black and white cookie.

Overcoming disease, extreme poverty, and jealous other bakers in their day, John and Justine came up with this amazing treat in 1902.

They shouldn’t win just because they created the one edible item that immediately brings joy to all who eat or stand in its presence.  They should win because they were “woke” 118 years before the most woke rubbed the sleep out of their eyes. 

They, despite the incessant whining of their competitors, refused to make a cookie with only one glaze.  Fun fact:  John and Justine were Michael Jackson’s inspiration for the song, “Black or White.”  The unreleased, extended version of the song features the line,

“You know that you’re delicious, it doesn’t matter if it’s black or white.”

Like I said directly to the award committee, if John and Justine Glaser don’t win, the committee is obviously comprised of joyless people with no taste buds.  I submit this nomination even though I’m a type-1 diabetic.  Nuff said

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